The Best Games for Online Texas Hold’em Poker

If you are busy most of the days with work and are just looking for some momentary entertainment, you can easily go play online games. Online games are of various types, and they are not always the little, cute flash games that you think of. You do not always have to equate online gaming with kiddy stuff since there are quite a number of online games which have been built for adults only. For example, the online poker game is a huge success. The best part about this deal is that the types of poker games that are available on the net are limitless, to tell the truth. And of the various research work that has been done on this issue, it is has been found that Texas Hold’em poker game is one of the most successful and popular ones of the lot. This game is so well known, that it has its own variants as well which are equally famous.

Why is Texas Hold’em popular?

One of the many reasons why Texas Hold’em is so popular is obviously because this game brings to people’s minds the old life of the cowboys in Texas. They sure had a difficult life, but we often remember them as having adventurous fun as well. This is what we equate to, and no wonder the players of poker game love this one the best. Of all the Texas Hold’em poker variants that you will find, four of them are the most entertaining as follows:

Omaha High and Hi-Lo

This game deals out four instead of the two private cards which is the rule in case of the original game. You will also have to play with cards that you must hide from other players to be able to win easily. You will need to make the right combination out of four private cards and five communal cards in total.

Crazy pineapple

The second type of Texas holds ’em game which is popular is Crazy pineapple which deals three cards to each player and not two. You will also have to put a card on the table as a flop which you cannot show to anyone else playing this game with you.

Double Flop Hold’em, and Seven cards studs

These are the rest two, and the former one has double the total number of cards used in the original game. The latter game deviates more from the original set of rules, where you will have to play with open cards. You need to show these cards to the other players. You will also have closed cards which are meant for individual players only.
Texas Hold’em is a very popular game, and these variants are also as entertaining as the original.

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